Mandozine Radio
Mandozine Radio is on the air! Mandolin-centric music played 24/7. Visit the Artist page on Ukefarm for info on submitting your music for the playlist. Mandozine Radio:
Tuned Locally, Played Globally.
Mandolin Symposium

The Mandolin Symposium recently completed its eleventh year. Mandolin students travel from all over the country, and even from around the world to attend. A student concert is presented on the last night, watch and listen to the amazing talent on the Mandotunes Youtube channel.

The Sound of the Modern Mandolin
About 10 years ago I collaborated with Peter Mix on a project to create a series of videos of some of the great instruments being built by modern builders. I have re-published the series on the Mandotunes Youtube channel.

5 Kids, 10 years, Amazing Talent

In 2004 I had the pleasure of moderating an on-line session between the CoMando Discussion List members asking question to five mandolin players. The two youngest were Sierra Hull and Scott Gates, both 11 years old. Sarah Jarosz was 12, Josh Pinkham was 13, and Jacob Henry Jolliff was 15. I was impressed by not only their talent and what they had accomplished by that age, but also their maturity and commitment to their music. Here's the interview...    

Chordtunes for iPad

Chordtunes is an iPad app for creating chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Entering chords is as easy as typing. Chordtunes supports three PDF formats, transposing, lyrics, and Dropbox. Chordtunes is a collaboration between Mandozine and EUMLab in Germany.


Chordsongs is a free Web app for desktop and laptop computers. It provides a simple interface for creating chord charts. Chords for six tunings are available: Soprano Uke (ADF#B), Tenor Uke (GCEA), Baritone Uke (DGBE), Guitar (EADGBE), Mandolin (GDAE), and Mandola (CGDA). You only need to create a chord chart once. Selecting a different tuning will convert your song to that tuning.    

Music Apps
It's a mobile world, and Mandotunes presents music apps for learning, tuning, recording, and other musical endeavors you may enjoy.

The Genius of Lloyd Loar

His name on a Gibson mandolin label is worth tens of thousands. His contribution to the design of the mandolin is priceless.